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Hasi Foundation, registered in UK as Hasi Humanitarian Organisation, is an initiative providing comprehensive services, strategic and on ground support to government, Humanitarian Actors and Agencies working for/in humanitarian crisis and the development of the education for mass level. Our goal is to build host community resilience by connecting and empowering host community stakeholders to find ways to build sustainable support to help address humanitarian and national development.

Our goal is to work to communities and stakeholders to build sustainable momentum to face the world’s toughest challenges.

Our organizational goal is to be able to forecast trends in a humanitarian context and be able to build preventive large scale multisectoral solutions, with a key focus on financial sustainability.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to build community resilience by connecting and empowering local community and find ways to build sustainable support in education, health and in empowerment sector &to address humanitarian and national development.

Our Mission

To spread the smile where it doesn’t reach by providing support, educate and empowerment.

Our Vision

To put back smile on the face of every underprivileged in the world of every corner.


We aim to overcome challenges that prevent one's access to education and help communities to end the cycle of their poverty.


Advancement of other charitable activities through education to improve the conditions and empowerment of the underprivileged.


"Hasi Foundation" was formed by the urge and inspiration of serving the needy in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country of resilience. Since the birth of Bangladesh, we have always come up with various initiatives where we have raised fund for a good cause. As much as I appreciate those philanthropic initiatives that signifies the character as a nation, I equally feel the importance of long term sustainability and empowerment through the charitable organisation who can demonstrate capacity, transparency and have field-level reach. However, they need constant fund and support to successfully serve their projects. Working in financial sector in UK over 4 years I felt, this is our time to bridge those gaps. Hence, Hasi Foundation (Hasi Humanitarian Organisation Ltd. Registered in UK) was formed, to connect local and International donors with carefully selected Charitable organisation who already have proven track records and working in selective sustainable projects.

Hasi Foundation (Hasi Humanitarian Organisation Ltd. Registered in UK) will work as an online & humanitarian project-based funding platform which enables anyone across the globe to raise funds for the pre-selective projects. I feel, fund raised through digital system from millions of people will continue the good work done by the charities and help the niche untapped sectors. We also aim to create and maintain a pool of Volunteers database which will provide the on-demand requirement of volunteers for charities in need. Another project also includes collaborating teachers and speakers from around the globe to share their experience with Bangladeshi education institution and to charities.











Our leadership goal is to reinforce leadership values and to enhance or build skill sets within the team as well as the community.

Capacity Building

The organization and management are built around consistent and continuous capacity building of personal as well as group skill sets.

Human-Cantered Design

The goal is to build the teams’ creative confidence and then train the community on the same methods so that the community can also begin to work on solving their own problems.


Our team specializes in helping find ways for organizations to become financially and operationally sustainable.


Our parenting organisation have been working closely with the Education Sector Since early 2008. From the beginning of the response, our team has seen the evolution and challenges of the education crisis. We have also been developing innovative education models, like digital learning for numeracy and literacy in early childhood development as well as with youth and adolescent population. In a context where access to education remains limited and challenging, we are committed to making education as part of life saving intervention, especially for the most vulnerable young pupils.

In late 2017, we set up primary healthcare facilities in Kutupalong Rohingya camp. Our extensive knowledge of health challenges faced by the community has resulted in collaboration with WHO to set up Diphtheria Isolation Units and helped create large-scale advocacy on community health-related issues. Our team has worked closely with the Community Healthcare Workers and were the first agency to be able to provide sustainable dental services and Palliative Care.

We strive on our expertise and ability to engage and empower the communities in a positive and sustainable manner. We try to build solutions based around the needs and desires of the community, while building the capacity of the community to run the operations.

We help donors and partners to implement projects based on humanitarian standards and sustainable community engagement while providing oversight to donors.

Our goal is to strengthen the large-scale humanitarian response by supporting like-minded agencies and donors and providing solutions and services to ever-changing dynamics in a humanitarian response.



Providing project management training
Providing agencies with project management training for local and INGOS in Bangladesh
Providing humanitarian beliefs training
Providing agencies with humanitarian beliefs training for local and international stakeholders
Providing human cantered design training
Providing agencies and actors with human cantered design training to local and international stakeholders
Providing security assessments
Providing agencies with security/risk assessments, based on the local knowledge, to be able to identify and predict vulnerabilities and find solutions to help mitigate these risks
Providing security supporting services
Helping stakeholders find security services for their staff and operations in Bangladesh
Providing security preparedness training
Providing early warning systems and emergency evacuation systems
Providing security assessments for international and national agencies
Providing security services
Providing independent monitoring and evaluation service and independent M&E services to donor agencies to provide transparency and technical oversight
Providing interpretations services
Providing interpretation services for Rohingya and Bangla, in the Rohingya camps and in the cox bazaar district
Providing translations and Providing media services
Providing government liaison services and guidance in applying for INGOS registration
Helping stakeholders apply for INGOS status and liaison with various government agencies to be able to meet all the local requirements and be able to submit and get approvals from the government
Helping agencies find local implementation partners
Helping international agencies and donors, find and vet implementation partners in Bangladesh

We support various agencies, setup up a long-term strategy and operational presence in Bangladesh. This is a comprehensive solution which we help agencies, build strategies, aligned with their organizational vision and find ways to provide sustainable programming and sustainable funding.

Helping agencies find ways to register themselves in Bangladesh to start their operations or find existing implementation partners to work with. This requires vetting existing implementation partners and finding INGOS with organizations that same mission and vision and are best suited to help deliver their services.

Providing volunteering opportunities for international volunteers
We are a social enterprise based on a profit model. All profits go to researching and development of humanitarian solutions, with a key focus on youth mobilization
We put communities first, with a focus on empowerment and sustainability