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Key benefits of reusing and recycling unwanted Mobile phone, Tables or old computers.

Cleaner environment
Recycling old unwanted electricals uses less energy and creates less waste than making new products.

More from less
Precious materials in old electrical items can be recycled into life-saving equipment, bicycles – and even new electricals.

More cash
We’re hoarding billions of pounds worth of electricals that we could be reselling or passing on – imagine the extra cash and shelf space.

More jobs
Recycling all our old unwanted electricals would create hundreds of new jobs in electrical reuse and recycling.

Hasi Foundation is currently set up a Mobile phone and Tab recycle centre in Dhaka and Cox's Bazar, in Bangladesh. All the devides collected form different parts of the country through our volunteers and participated partners are processed in our recycle centre. We also train our volunteers the lifeskill of how to fix and recycle those devices. This way firstly our volunteers learn a new skill and secondly the fixed decies can be used once again for the learning and development of our partnerd schools.

So contact us to donate your recycled device.

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