Tele Medicine & Remote Treatment

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We have partnered with a SSL who has fully Indigenous Technology Designed, Developed for local service with international standard.

Our remote medical service covers :

•   Captures end to end workflows for ecosystem
•   Latest Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy devices
•   Around 35 Point of care Tests
•   Works on as low as 64 Kbps Bandwidth
•   Light Weight and Small Form Factor, making it extremely portable
•   Covered by the “Safe Devices” patent
•   Seamless and one button interface for operation
•   Management Information System for monitoring
•   Robust and Rugged for remote deployments

Features to Look for in a Telemedicine :

Online Appointment Calendar - Should facilitate you to maintain an online appointment calendar, so that you don't miss a single appointment of your patients.

Unlimited Online Video Sessions - Should allow you to conduct unlimited online video sessions so that you are able to provide the best patient experiences.

Secure Document Sharing - There are various medical & confidential reports you need to share with your patients and associates. Your telemedicine software should ensure secure document sharing.

High Definition Video Quality - Should provide high definition video quality for providing an excellent patient experience.

Payment Processing - Should allow you to accept payments online facilitating the patients to pay through the mode of their choice.

Reporting & Analytics - Should provide detailed reporting and ability to analyze situations to make informed decisions for the future helping your healthcare organization to grow.

Different types of test:

Physiology Tests
•   12 Channel ECG
•   Blood Pressure
•   Stethoscope
•   Thermometer
Tests we are providing :
•   Pulse Oximeter
•   Spirometer
•   Fetal Doppler
Blood Tests
•   Dengue
•   Malaria
•   Hepatitis B & C
•   HIV I & II
•   Syphilis
•   Glucose
•   Haemoglobin
•   Lipid Profile etc

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Telemedicine are used in,

At Hasi Foundation we are providing Tele Medicine service free to specific Rohingya camp in Bangladesh, where the access to doctors are extremely sensitive. Specially during the period of COVID-19 doctors can not visit to various types of patient. This is where we are offering remote service to pregnant mothers and to general ill people. We constantly need the fund to scale our equipment and consumables like Blood Glucose strips Strip. Donate us to fund those consumables so that we can provide regular service to the people in need.

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